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Why the Siana Springs Lodge in Masai Mara is a Must Go

Tented accommodation at the Siana Springs, located around Maasai Mara is a wonderful experience. 

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So, Apparently Kenya Doesn’t Have Enough Wildlife Space

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Photos That’ll Make You Want To Try Out Cafe Vienna

Cafe Vienna is located right next to Nakumatt Ukay. The look of the redone cafe Vienna is rustic, comfortable and befitting of its name. The eclectic music in the background is not intrusive.

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Free Awesome Clothes I Got at This Event in Nairobi and You Can Too

Oldie is Goldie, and if you’d like to swap outfits you don’t wear any more for new treasures, swap.lab is the event to do so. You can exchange your clothes for others provided at no expense.

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5 of the Best Coffee Places in Nairobi

‘You wanna go for a coffee’, this is probably how most relationships start, or at the very least, business partnerships.

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4 Places to go in Kenya That’ll Give You Fantastic Views

There’s nothing more picturesque than a fantastic view. Being so far up that everything below seems so tiny makes you think how small life is.

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Definite Thoughts That Run Through The Mind Of A Kenyan Eating a Smokie

Smokies are here to stay, they are absoultley delicious and simple and can work well a variety of foods, however a good old fashioned smokie with some kachumbari remains the best way to enjoy it, so much so that just eating it fills one up with various emotions.

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5 Street Foods That Are Proudly Kenyan

These low class foods are what make Kenya, Kenya. It’s these foods that you miss when you go abroad. Sometimes they come in handy after a night out, as a snack in between meals, or sometimes even as a whole meal.

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How To Ride A Matatu For the First Time With the Confidence of a Local

Transport can encourage hefty costs, the cheapest way to get around is through matatu or public transport, this can range from ksh 10-100 on the higher side if you’re moving within Nairobi. 

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Here Are 7 Photos That Prove Kenyans Are Beautiful People

Kenya is filled with beautiful men and women, and a simple walk into a mall or around town would reveal just how impressive the genes we carry are.

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