Five Things to do Throughout Nairobi That Are Under Kshs 500

With so many bars, pubs and restaurants in Nairobi, it almost feels like you can’t do much else in the city other than eat or drink out. However that cannot be further from the truth.

There are several things people can do to entertain themselves throughout Nairobi:

1. Mini Golf at the Hub

image: Outsideblack

Perfect for a date or casual time with friends. You can enjoy a game of mini golf at The Hub Karen outside the Funscapes Arcade (which is also another fun idea). It’s Kshs 500 per person for a worth while session of mini golf, that covers various fields, each harder than the next to keep you on you’re toes.

2. Zip lining at The Dam Redhill Limuru

image: damredhill.com

Just 15 kilometers from the CBD, The Dam Redhill Limuru is a beautiful serene place where you can boat ride, bike ride, eat at a floating restaurant, and even funner, zip line.

Experience the adrenaline pumping thrill of Zip Lining. They have a line that passes through across our dam. Get to fly across while enjoying the view. It’s quite the thrill, and it’s just Kshs 500 per person.

3. Diguna High Ropes Challenge in Rongai

image: Info-tainment Kenya

This is the cheapest yet and only costs Kshs 150 per person. It’s at the Rongai at AIC Diguna. The Diguna High Ropes Challenge involves treading on a series of high ropes that you must complete.

4. Sight seeing at the KICC Building

image: Afro Tourism

Another date idea with bae or a good idea if you’d like to see the beautiful city of Nairobi. You go all the way to the rooftop. This is usually kshs 200 per person, and great for posting on the gram.

5. Laser Tag at ABC Place Westlands 

image: www.lasertag.co.ke

image: www.lasertag.co.keIf you feel like shooting someone, you can take that person with you to laser tag where you can shoot them with beams of light. The same is located at ABC Place in Westlands, where you can play for Kshs 500 as an individual, or kshs 400 if you’re with a group of people.

Petting Elephants at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

image: Expedia

Located along Magadi Rd, the entry fee is Kshs 500 and you get to feed and pet baby elephants. However its only open between 11am -12pm.