6 Places In Somalia You Should Visit ASAP

Somalia is the one country that every one cannot imagine visiting.

When you think Somalia you think war, violence and all the bad unfathomable crimes. But there is more to the country than what you see there, there are certain places that are pure beauty and will amaze you.

1. Sa’ad ad-Din Island

This Island recently became a national park because of its rare coral reefs in the midst of sparkling turquoise water. You cannot forget the ivory-coloured beaches to craggy peaks of sandstone rock that are also very fascinating. If you’re interested in what’s under the sea then this is the place for you.

Island: Travel Cravings

2. Mount Shimbiris

This is also the tallest mountain in Somalia and is a rare beauty.It is located in the northern part of the country and is part of the Ogo mountains, if you are a mountain climber looking for an adventure then this is the ultimate place to try out. You obviously can’t get here by car but you are allowed to camp around or hike.

Image: SomaliNet

3. Mogadishu Cathedral

This is one of the only Cathedrals in Mogadishu and was the seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Mogadiscio. It was built in 1928 with a Norman Gothic architectural design.At some point Islamic radical groups tried to damage the place back in 2008 and they actually sort of managed. It has since then become a camp in 2013, after an inspection by the Diocese, plans of restoring this once grand place of worship went into works.

Mogadishu Cathedral
Image: Wanderlust 15

5. Lag Badana National Park

There are only five national parks in Somalia and this happens to be one of the greatest in the country. Tourists are attracted to the sights in this park, if you want to see how their nature looks like in its rawness. The whole park has an area of 3,340 square kilometers or 1,290 square miles.

somali-national-parkImage: SomaliNet

6. Gezira Beach


This is another beautiful place you ought to visit while in Somalia.Tourists can also see the animal market where camels, cows, goats and wildlife are sold. Within it there’s also a small island which can be accessed by tourists with a boat.

Image: TripAdvisor