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5 Photos of Mutura That Are Basically Better Than a Girlfriend

Mutura (Moo-Too-Rah) is a Kenyan sausage that is sometimes also called a blood sausage.  It is usually made with meat and blood, flavored with spices and cooked and then stuffed into the intestines, making a sausage.

It’s a favorite Kenyan go to, you’ll find it at most family gatherings, restaurants, and even pubs. Who can blame Kenyans, it’s a delicious delicacy.

Here are 5 pictures of Mutura that are basically better than a girlfriend:

1. Looks good

image: munchies

2. Yumm

image: Kenyan Vibes, Swaville Style

3. Delicious


4. I want some


5. Finger licking

image: Culture Trip