Tourists in Maasai Mara Were Held Up By a Herd of Giraffes and it’s the Coolest Thing You’ll See

Zebra crossings don’t usually exist in the bumpy dirt roads of Maasai Mara, but a bunch of lucky tourists managed to see one. Naturally for anyone going on a game drive, seeing one or two giraffes shouldn’t be too difficult, but a herd of 30 moving together, that’s a rare spectacle.

According to Daily Mail,  Sonali Dudhane, who was travelling to Maasai Mara, spotted the huge group grazing in the distance. The group she was with took various pictures of the giraffes that roamed in the bushes for about 20 minutes before emerging and crossed the road, while the tourists were encouraged to get back into their vehicles.

The pictures of the giraffe herd are indeed the best thing you’ll see. It’ll almost make you wish you were there:

image: Daily Mail
image: Daily Mail