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Forget Hotel Rooms, You Can Stay The Night in This Renovated Bus in Karen

The Brandy Bus is an old-school bus that has been revamped into a cozy and distinct home. Tucked away in the serene beautiful suburbs of Karen it is a perfect place to escape.

The Bus is close to many tourist attractions, restaurants, bars and close to both airports. All shopping,banking etc are accessible nearby.

There are two double beds upstairs and two small single beds downstairs that also serve as sofas. There is outdoor seating and an outdoor fireplace.

image: LittleThings
image: Tiny House Swoon

The double-decker bus has been completely redone to accommodate adventurous travelers looking for a different kind of overnight stay. No matter where you find yourself in the little bus, there are great views of the outdoors through the many windows lining the walls.

image: airbnb

Wifi is provided, and the place is also laptop friendly.  It costs about Kshs 6000 a night, with check ins at anytime after 2pm. For more information and booking click here.