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These Geoglyphs in the Chyulu Hills Can Be Seen From Space And Will Make You Go Wow

These Geoglyphs in Chyulu Hills are simply magnificent, and even more impressive is that they can be seen all the way from space.

image: facebook

Andrew Rogers, the creator of these masterpieces is one of Australia’s most distinguished and internationally recognized contemporary artists.

Andrew chose the Chyulu Hills in Kenya for his first sculpture in Africa. He employed 1,300 Maasai tribes people who moved 2,000 tonnes of stone to build three sculptures which are visible from space.

image: facebook

The first two sculptures, a shield and a lion’s paw, were chosen by the Maasai community to make a statement about conservation and about protecting their traditional lifestyle. For the Maasai it was fantastic to leave a permanent footprint for generations to come.

image: facebook

The third sculpture is the Andrew Rogers signature sculpture ‘Rhythms of Life’, it is the theme for all his geoglyphs and represents the line of life.