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6 Places You Need to Visit When in Kisumu

Kisumu is the 3rd largest city in Kenya, and makes for a great tourist haven for those visiting the western part of the country. Kisumu is a port city on Lake Victoria. It’s known for lakeside viewpoints and wildlife sights.

Here are 6 places you need to go when you’re in Kisumu:

1. Hippo Point

image: amazingkisumu

Perfect for sightseeing hippos while appreciating the sunset as the day comes to a close. You can choose to take a boat ride as you check out hippos and birds or even go out fishing.

2. Dunga Hill Camp

image: hapakenya

This place in particular is great for camping. Further activites include boat rides, while appreciating the lake. Plus its another location with amazing sunset views perfect to show off on social media.

3. Kit Mikayi

image: wikapedia

Basically a bunch of rocks as the picture suggests, however you can choose to learn the history on the same, as well as climb the rocks and appreciate views of the lake and Kisumu. Plus its perfect place for a photo shoot.

4. Thimlich Ohinga Pre-Historic site

image: tripadvisor

Thimlich Ohinga is an amazing historic site that is very unique in the entirety of historic events. Walls made of Stones without use of motor is an old technology to appreciate. A thing that has made the structure withstand all test of time, weather and wind for over 500 years. Its story is told by itself as one walks around it.

5. The West End Shopping Mall


After touristing Kisumu. you can relax and get a coffee at Java. This mall is a mid-sized. It has a supermarket, restaurant,a gym, fashion stores and other shops.

6. Night Life

image: buzzkenya

If you’re a fan of the night life and enjoy a few drinks with friends as you dance into the night, then there are various clubs and bars that you can’t miss that should satisfy your nocturnal hunger.