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7 Swahili Delicacies You Should Try When in Mombasa

Mombasa comes with a relaxing aura, and an incredibly rich culture. Besides the lazy warm days and beach experiences, it’s Swahili dishes are definitely something everyone needs to enjoy while in Mombasa.

Here are 7 Swahili delicacies you should have when in Mombasa:

1. Kaimati/Mitai

Delicious dumplings covered in syrup.


2. Mkate wa sinia

A soft cake, perfect for breakfast coupled with tea.

image: Chachi’s Kitchen – blogger

3. Seafood

image: TripAdvisor

3. Achari

A super sweet snack made from dried mango.

image: Afro Tourism

4. Viazi Karai

Potatoes fried with food coloring.

image: citizentv

7. Mahamri

Sweet tasting fried bread, almost similar to a doughnut.

image: wikiHow