6 Beautiful Lakes In Kenya That Will Blow Your Mind Away

Yes we know Nairobi is cluttered and can look an overcrowded jungle.

However apart from the occasional street guys, pollution and other hustles we experience there is so much more to this country. Once you check out these beautiful lakes in Kenya you will be left speechless.

1. Lake Nakuru

One of the most famous lakes in Kenya is Lake Nakuru. They have plenty of lodges that gives you the best view to see the lake. The lake is home to a number of flamingos and other wildlife.

lake-nakuruImage: Kenya Wildlife Service

2. Lake Naivasha

Lake Naivasha is just an an hour away from Lake Nakuru, it is also home to flamingos and a couple of nature reserves for your stay.

Image: Softkenya

3. Lake Magadi

Known as the pink lake it is in Kenya’s far south where a number of Maasai communities live. There is only lodge there but is known to be quite promising for the adventurous.

lake-magadiImage: Amusing Planet

4. Lake Victoria

Finally, Lake Victoria lies just outside the Rift Valley and is surrounded by numerous villages and small towns.There are hills covered in lush vegetation drop down to clear blue waters dotted with white-sailed dhows.

Image: Do It In in Africa – Travel Guide by Kathie Fry
Image: Do It In in Africa – Travel Guide by Kathie Fry

5. Lake Bogoria

This happens to also be the place where volcanic activities take place and the most interesting feature this lake has are the hot springs and geysers. Hot water shoots out of the ground to about 5m high. Lake Bogoria has over 10 geysers.

lake-BogoriaImage: Kenya Birding

6. Lake Turkana

Who said we don’t have islands in Kenya? Well guess what? Lake Turkana is an alkaline lake in the northern part of Kenya and has many islands that include Central Island and South Island. The islands have birds, hippos and the largest population of Nile crocodiles in the country.

lake-turkanaImage: AfricanMecca Safaris