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Here Are Tips For Traveling With Your Child Without Going Mad

I don’t have a child yet but I must admit, seeing parents struggle with their children whether in an airline or bus breaks my heart.

From the noise to how often they have to be changed or keep talking about some things we hardly understand. While you want to allow your children to have fun while traveling you don’t want to chase little people everywhere while looking like a crazy person.

1. Remember to give them that look that says “I am your parent”.

Every African parent’s face is just the best way to scare them from doing anything.

Image: Pinterest

2. Give them your gadgets to distract them.

Educational ones preferably because their IQ still needs to get better.

Image: Pocket-lint

3. Simply use a child locator because why not?


Then you can track them with a simple teddy bear without making them look like they are being stalked or holding them with a leash, that’s child abuse guys!


4. Carry their medicine.

Honestly there’s nothing worse than a sick baby (again I don’t have kids) but from my baby sitting experience a sick child just drains you in every way.

Image: Honey + Lime

5. Make sure they are warm.

Basically carry your children’s warm outfits so they don’t end up with a flu that will ruin your trip.

6. If you are on an airplane then make sure you are friendly with at least with one hostess.

At least they will help you when your baby needs to go to the loo especially if you have more than one child.

7. Carry toys and coloring books they can use.


8. Avoid giving them sweets because you don’t want kids with a sugar rush.

They will run around like small monkeys and it won’t be pleasant.


9. Always carry extra clothes for the trip in case you dirty your shirt.

For your child and yourself because he/she may end up throwing up and you don’t need that kind of struggle.

10. Put them to sleep as much as possible.

This is just the best thing to do so you can enjoy a peaceful trip without any issues, hold them, sing for them until they sleep and you can sleep too.

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