7 Public Swimming Pools In Nairobi You Need To Know

Finding swimming pools in Nairobi is like looking for money on Uhuru highway.

It can be a tedious task especially on a hot afternoon driving around frustratingly looking for a pool to dive into. If this is your struggle then you would be glad to know that these pools are there for you to dip yourself into.

1.Chester house, Milimani

It is located on Koinange Street and is accessible from anyone who goes to town. The pool is on an open rooftop on the 4th floor of the building and for Ksh 500 per day.

Image: Chester House Apartments

2. YMCA Nairobi Central Hostel

The YMCA hostel is near state house road and only costs Ksh 100 per day non-members.


3. Impala Club

It is situated on Ngong Road between Adams Arcade and the Junction mall. They have an outdoor pool and it costs KSh 300 and Ksh 200 for children.

Image: Review Sasa

4. Bellevue school

Located in South C in Mugoya Avenue charges are Ksh 100 and Ksh 50 for children.

Image: YouTube

5. Boulevard

It is located on Uhuru highway and is a very inexpensive place to spend your time in. It has been there for a while and has been said to have quality service and a clean swimming pool.

Image: Review Sasa

6. Nyayo National Stadium

It is 3km from the city center and is mostly accessible for people who live from Nairobi West, South B and South C and Mombasa road. It is only a 100 bob to swim in that pool.

Image: DC Rainmaker

7. Panari hotel

For Ksh 1200 you can swim in Panari hotel in an indoor pool.

Image: TripAdvisor

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