9 Perfect Picnic Sites In Nairobi You Should Try Out

Sometimes going to a restaurant is overrated.

A restaurant has an already set mood that you need to adapt to while a picnic site allows you to bond with whoever you’re with properly. It offers a serene environment that is usually inexpensive and on top of it you can carry your own food and enjoy fresh air and the wind whistling gently around you. Here are the perfect picnic sites in Nairobi.

1. Nairobi Arboretum

It was founded in 1907 by Mr. Batiscombe in a bid to try out new forestry trees. It was later gazetted as a national reserve in 1932 by the government and issuance of a title deed was later conducted by the commissioner of lands to the government in 1996. It is free of charge to enter and a very peaceful place to hangout.

Image: TripAdvisor

2. Central Park

Central park is behind Nairobi Serena Hotel and is the perfect place to take a stroll and for picnics.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

3. Uhuru Park

This is the park that is used as an amusement park, boat rides and is sometimes used as an assembly point for celebrating national holidays, for political rallies during election periods, and for prayer meetings by various religious organizations. It is a very open park so if you need privacy it may not be the best especially on Sundays.

Image: Jambo Nairobi

4. Nairobi Botanical Garden

Botanical garden is in the leafy suburbs in Karen near Kenya School of Law. It is well known for its beautiful garden and small man-made dam. It also has restaurant with reasonably priced meals and sumptuous as well.


5. Nairobi City Park

Nairobi City Park is known for its rich biodiversity and playful monkeys that mingle with people once in a while. It is a tranquil place for a lazy afternoon.

Image: Aga Khan Development Network

6. Oloolua Nature Trail

If there is a place that can cater to all your outdoor plans, it has to be Oloolua Nature Trail. It is located in the up market suburb of Karen and is 250 hectares and is home to the the Institute of Primate Research (IPR) that is run by the National Museums of Kenya.


7. Ngong Hills

Ngong hills make a very popular weekend destination for visitors from all over the country. Activities include: Hiking, Picnics and jogging.


8. Karura Forest

This happens to be one of the best and favorable places to go especially if you enjoy biking, jogging, nature trails, wildlife, scenic waterfalls and bamboo forests.

Image: TripAdvisor

9. Uhuru Gardens

Uhuru Gardens is where Kenya’s first flag was raised on 12th December 1963. The national monument on Langata Road is Kenya’s largest memorial park. The park offers a tranquil picnic site, a popular family outing destination and a venue for corporate events. The Uhuru monument stands in it.

Image: Softkenya