6 Must See Attractions In Tanzania

Yes Magafuli may have refused for Kenyan cows to eat their grass but I bet they are still open for tourists.

Tanzania is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, they have conserved their wildlife and they remain to be one of the most undisturbed country too. They may not have the best infrastructure but they still have attractions that are exciting to see.

1. Lake Natron

Just at the border of Kenya and Tanzania they have this red lake that is absolutely stunning. It also has endangered flamingos that are rarely ever found apart from this lake.

Image: YouTube

2. Kilwa Kisiwani Ruins

Stunning ruins of what was once the center of one of the greatest empires in East Africa.

Image: Paleoanthropology

3. The Underwater Room at Manta Resort.

You don’t need to travel to Dubai to be in an underwater room, all you have to do is travel to Tanzania. It is the perfect getaway away from the hustle and bustle and especially for a honeymoon.

Image: The Manta Resort

4. Ol Doinyo Lengai

This is the largest game reserve in Africa and is home to thousands of species. To see a wide variety of animals this is the place you need to go to. You can also spot Mt.Kilimanjaro while you are there.
Image: Wikipedia

5. Selous Game Preserve

The largest game reserve in Africa is home to thousands of species but refuses to house humans.
Image: AfricaVacationSpots

6. Leotoli Footprints

How would you like to be on the walks like other human ancestors were on? Leotoli footprints have 3.6 million year-old footprints.
Image: Paleoanthropology