Hikers, These Ugandan Mountains Are The Best For Climbing

Hiking has never really been my thing, mostly because I think I will fall and won’t be found.

I admire hikers, people who take their time to climb mountains and experience a different kind of adrenaline other than going to a club and other things. So if you are looking for mountains to climb these are the ones that are the best in Uganda.

1. Rwenzori Mountains

The Rwenzori mountains are found along the border of Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, covering a length of 120km and width of 65km. This is Africa’s third highest mountain and also one of the only three on the continent to have snow on the peak. Rwenzori was ranked the best in Africa and ninth in the world for mountain climbing and hiking adventures. So clearly this is the place you need to try clib next.

Image: Uganda Tourism Cente

2. Mountain Elgon

It borders with Kenya and is in Eastern Uganda. It used to be Africa;s highest mountain but was eroded at the peak making it 8th in Africa and 4th in East Africa. The mountain also has a nature trail known as Sasa trail (Budadiri trail head) it is accessible from Mbale and is more direct to the peaks and goes through the largest area of bamboo forest. The second trail is called Piswa and is known to be a more gentle hike than the Sasa.

Image: Jambo Nairobi

3. Virunga Volcanoes

I don’t know how you would feel about climbing a mountain that may erupt but if you’d like to know then this is the mountain to hike. It borders with Rwanda and is home to lots of unique and rare wildlife which you have chance of encountering such as the Mountain Gorillas, Golden Monkeys, endemic birds and mountain vegetation.

Image: Amazing Memories Safaris

4. Muhabura

Also located at the Rwanda-Uganda border, it is also said to be one of the most challenging mountains to climb. It takes about 5 hours to climb it and also another 5 to while coming down. It has a small crater lake at the summit which can easily circumnavigated to get access to views across the Virunga ranges.

Image: World Nomads Scholarship

5. Sabinyo

This is situated on the common border of the three countries Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo. It is also quite challenging as it has many craters with three peaks which look like three spaced teeth, hence the local name Sabinyo meaning “Old Man’s Teeth”.

Image: Gorilla Tracking Uganda Rwanda