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11 Restaurants That Are In The Karen Hub

I have never been such a big mall fan but that is because they hardly ever have anything to do there.

I mean it is not everyday you can just wake up and decide to go shop at the mall that becomes boring and expensive. However, there is this fairly new mall in Karen known as The Hub and to be honest it has everything you would want. It gives you the ultimate mall experience that you have probably never had especially if you haven’t had the chance to travel outside the country. If you’re looking for a place to eat then there are twelve restaurants that you can eat from, what a variety right?

1. Eagle Peak Spur

Offer: Bottomless ribs every Thursday for Sh1800 per person.

Image: EatOut

2. Ocean Basket

Wine o’clock, everyday between 4-7pm. For every Glass of Red or White House Wine that you purchase at Ksh. 600, you get a free top up.

Image: Yummy Magazine by EatOut

3. Mister Wok

If you fancy some Chinese food then Mister Wok is the place to go to, it is not too expensive and their food is actually authentic Chinese food.

Image: Yummy Magazine by EatOut

4. Afghan House

This is for people who are interested in Afghan food, I personally have never had any Afghan food but it is definitely on my bucket list.

5. La Cascina

Every Monday to Friday for those who need their Monday glass of alcohol they have something special for you. From 5.30 pm up to 7.30 pm enjoy a cocktail / Sangria / Glass of wine + Bitings at  Sh900. Or a Virgin cocktail / Fruit cocktail / Beer + Bitings at  Sh700.

Image: Treats On a Budget

6. Wing It Nairobi

If you love your wings then it is time to explore Wing It Nairobi, you will love their wings.

Image: Facebook

7. Roast by Carnivore

Enjoy the best roasted meat at Roast by Carnivore.

Image: Go Places Bookings

8. Picazzo Restaurant and Lounge

This is the perfect place for a date, simply because of their ambiance and their presentation.

Image: Vivo Activewear

9. Dominos Pizza

Of course The Hub would have the best pizza restaurant in their mall. This is for the people who want their fast food as soon as possible or just want a Domino’s pizza.

10. Subway

For the sandwich lovers and also if you are trying to keep healthy then this is the best place for you.

11. KFC

For the love of chicken KFC had to be on this list.

Image: EatOut