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13 Best Night Life Clubs In Nairobi

If you haven’t been to Nairobi then you probably don’t know our wild nightlife.

Kenyans in general have a nightlife culture that can is simply loads of fun, we pass our every holiday with drinks and in bars, even the people who don’t drink end up passing their time in clubs. We are also moved by the hype, where a new club comes by and before you know it we have all been swayed. But there are those clubs that have been there through thick and thin and are not about to close any time soon at least in every location. Here are best night life clubs in Nairobi.

1. Onyx lounge on Ngong road

This is the place to go to if you want an eventful and classy night. They are a bit pricey but their cocktails are totally worth it and if you’re not in the mood for a ratchet place then this is the place to go to. They also have these really cool headphones where you can play the music you want even if it’s different from the one the Dj is playing.

Image: Bars Kenya

2. Space lounge on Ngong road

Space lounge is not that fancy but it is the place to go if you want a hyped place. They usually have well-known Dj’s that go there but I must warn you, it hosts all sort of people and some of them are thieves of plain ratchet.

Image: Bars Kenya

3.  Tamasha in Hurlingham

This club had closed at some point for renovation and when it reopened it wasn’t what we expected. The club has a lot more space, better service and not such a rowdy crowd unlike before. They are also open every day with different themes like reggae night etc.

4. 1824 in Langata

People say 1824 is basically a garage that is a club at night or from Thursdays to Sunday. This same place is also known as Nairobi’s Sunday school simply because every one goes there on Sunday’s. If you’re looking for a place to just have fun and break a sweat then this is the place to be. If you feel too boujee and like being in chilled out places then don’t bother with this place.

Image: Nairobi Wire

5. Brew Bistro in Westlands

Now for high and boujee, this the place to go. They have the best cocktails and a very entertaining band on Tuesday’s. It’s a chilled well lit place so it can get a bit embarrassing if you want to get up and do some dirty dancing.

Image: EatOut

6. k1 in Westlands

They are functional every single day and Kenyans seem to end up here at least once a week. They have a very mature crowd and a fantastic jazz band that plays there at some time over the weekdays.

7. Galileo in Westlands

Galileo is that place you go to because of space. Space is a very big gift for any Kenyan club simply because all of us herd in the same clubs, but if you like to dance then they have enough space to host you and your big group of friends.

Image: Ghafla!

8. Club Tribeka in Town

I am not a big fan of clubs in town but Tribeka happens to be an exception. It is spacious and usually has a very energetic crowd.

Image: Nabudi

9. 40/40 lounge in Westlands

This place is the newest lounge in town. It is a bit over-hyped but it is also quite a classy place, the kind you would want to take your birthday photos in.


10. Buddha bar in Westlands

It’s a very chilled out place but the crowd can be very boring. This is not the kind of place you wan to go to if you want to dance and all, but they have amazing cocktail deals.

11. Xcess Millionaires on Baricho road

This is the place for the men and women who enjoy watching pole dancers. They have prettier waitresses than the dancers but the dancers can really work the poles. On a weekend you need to pay about 1k to get in but you could equally get in there for free on a weekday.

Image: Ghafla!

12. Privee Westlands

This is where most musicians and celebs hangout. This where all the showbiz happens and if you’re into that kind of thing then go here.

Image: Bars Kenya

13. Kiza

This is where most foreigners usually hangout especially Nigerians. It can get quite congested but it’s a very fun club too.

Image: Bars Kenya