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Anita Nderu Vacationing In Thailand Will Make You Super Jealous

Anita Nderu is having the time of her life in Thailand. She’s been there for almost two weeks, and continues to have a blast according to her constant posts on  Instagram.

During that period of time, Anita has won the Pifwa Award(Pwani Fashion Week & Awards) 2017 for the best-dressed personality of the year, attended a wedding which she shared on social media, fired a rifle at a shooting range, and spent some quality time on the beach.

Thailand is the travel hub of Southeast Asia with sixteen million foreigners flying into the country each year. It’s  known for its rich heritage, glittering Buddhist temples, tropical beaches, sophisticated cuisine, high rises, and stunning neon lights by night.

Check out the media personality’s crazy fun experience to date:

1. She’s Thailand ready in this jumpsuit.

Sunglasses @jaspalofficial Suit @hm Shoes: @kassamkhan Bag: @zara

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2. Congratulating a couple on their wedding day.

3. Absolutely love this outfit.

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4. Can’t go to Thailand without visiting a Budist temple.

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5. Thailand at night.

Bangkok by night🌃

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6. Practicing her shooting skills.

7. Posing for a photo at the beach.