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The Names of These 7 Actual Places in Kenya Will Make You Smile

Sometimes you wonder where some names for locations come from and it’s completely hilarious. Every country has their own, and here in Kenya, we have our fair share as well. 

Here are names of actual places in Kenya that’ll make you smile: 

1. Wanyee

This means ‘“genitals” and its the name of a suburb along Naivasha road.

image: giphy

2. Ituramiro, Gatundu

This basically means a lady sitting legs apart when in a skirt, and yes there’s a place called this.

image: giphy

3. Mbooni, Makueni County 

Mboo is a sheng word for “penis”.

image: giphy

4. Kakuma, Turkana County

Kuma is sheng word for vagina.

image: giphy

5. Ruaka, Kiambu County

This comes from the  river Ruaka, in full its Rui Rwa Aka, meaning the women’s river. Women traders would freshen up at that river after a long day of work.

image: Giphy

6. Gatina Kanungaga, Kawangware

This is Kikuyu for “smelly bottom”.

image: Tumblr

7. Mai-ma-ihii, Dagoretti

This is Kikuyu for feces of uncircumcised boys.

image: Blavity