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Miss Mandi is a Clear Representation Of How To Dress Down at the Beach

The holiday season is fast approaching and as many people point their destinations to the beach, its always good to impress and shock by bringing your most diva-licious  self to the coast. 

Miss Mandi is leading the pack on this one. Recently, she’s been spotted at the Swahili Beach Resort in Diani, encouraging all her fans to come out and have a blast at the Diani Beach Festival with her celebrity friends, Nancie Mwai, and Anita Nderu.

They have been soaking in the sun, indulging in Diani’s pleasures and posing in pictures for the gram. While her followers cannot sleep, seeing how much fun she’s been having, we’ve taken a couple of notes on her swimwear and casual dressing in the coast, and it’s perfect way to slay while at the beach:

1. Loving the black and white costume.

2. Slaying.

3. This blue off shoulder dress is life.

4. Rocking a two-piece.