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6 Annoying Travel Habits Kenyans Have Every Christmas

The festive season is fast approaching and one of the things common during this period is traveling.

If you are unfortunate enough to be in a family that follows a certain  itinerary every Christmas, then you know that these repetitive things can be a bit monotonous.

Here are 6 annoying travel habits Kenyans do every Christmas: 

1. You always go to Mombasa.

You know every year its coast time, and while you love the beach, you want to do something different.

image: AfricanMecca Safaris

2. Or Naivasha if they are trying something different.

image: Silverbird Travel Plus

3. You’ll probably go up country.

So basically they’ll be no Wifi for a weekend. Just like last year, your going to exchange greetings with your grandparents probably for the first time since 2017 began, and experience an awkward introduction to a cousin you didn’t know existed until that point.

image: Pinterest

4. Your family car, is also for carrying your extended family.

During that trip to Shags, you’ll probably carry family members who don’t own cars, and just like that, you have to deal with sitting in a cramped car for hours.

image: danaburkina.wordpress.com

5. The rough terrain when you reach.

Once you get there and the paved road ends, the bumps and rough streets on the way make for a very uncomfortable end of the train. Mind you, that you’re still squished in the car.

image: Shutterstock

6. When driving to your destination.

Trying drive well and making sure you get to the next year alive and not get involved in any accidents.

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  1. Most annoying is taking bad driving habits from the city to the highway. Overlapping, reckless overtaking, and under-estimating the reduced power of their fully-loaded cars.

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