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6 Things You Need to Know Before Coming to Kenya

Kenya is a beautiful country that continues to progress socially and economically. However it doesn’t always get the coverage it deserves on international media. It’s not a backward country filled with insecurity as often seen in the news. 

When you finally reach Kenya, you may be surprised to find a completely different world. So as to not get surprised, here are 6 things you should know before coming to Kenya:

1. You never need to carry money.

Thanks to the increasing use of mobile money services amongst Kenyans, its hardly necessary to carry money. It remains on your phone and you can deposit or withdraw at numerous agents located everywhere you go.


2. The Traffic is Crazy

Everyone is up and about, just like any country we have our own rush hours, and depending on the weather the traffic can leave you stuck on the road for hours. So always plan ahead during your time in Kenya knowing this, esspecially if you’re staying in the cities.

image: Buzz Kenya

3. That doesn’t mean we have bad roads.

Actually the exact opposite. We have marvelous highways stretching from the airports all the way into the cities and residences.

image: The Construction Index

4. Real estate is growing.

The best part is that real estate is still affordable in Kenya as compared to other countries. However the price continues to grow, and is a source of investment for many Kenyans.

image: Business Daily

5. We have Uber here too.

Thats right, and it’s super affordable from Kshs 150 upwards, depending on where you’re going.

image: Uber

6. A majority of Kenyans understand English.

If you’re swahili skills aren’t too sharp, no worries, a majority of Kenyans generally have a good grasp of English so communication isn’t a problem.

image: spice