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4 Places in Kenya You Should Definitely Go Camping

Kenya is filled with numerous green spaces and stunning scenery that make the perfect camping spots.   The warm temperatures and great landscapes have made Kenya a camping destination for those who love outdoor activities such as picnic, fishing and hiking.

Here are four amazing places if you’d like to get started:

Ololokwe mountain in Northern Kenya. PHOTOGRAPH BY Harvey / Barcroft Media UK Office, London. T +44 845 370 2233

Mount Ololokwe is an impressive 2000-metre flat-topped mountain with sheer cliffs, offering views for hundreds of miles across the Samburu region of Kenya. The place is ideal for camping. The camp is located right in the middle of Mt. Ololokwe, so hiking is encouraged. You will be accompanied by a Samburu warrior so no need to worry about safety. If you are lucky, you will spot an elephant during your hike.

They boost very affordable rates at Kshs: 1500 per person.

2. Rapids Camp, Sagana. 

image: kariuki1971 –

Rapids Camp is a camping site well-known for its adventurous outdoor activities.  You can pitch your tent next to the Sagana River and enjoy variety of water sports such as kayaking, water rafting in Tana River and canoeing.

3. Marsabit National Park

image: Kenya Wildlife Service

The Marsabit National park lies in northern Kenya, about 560km north of Nairobi in Marsabit district. The park is famous for its elephant named Ahmed that was provided with 24hr security surveillance by presidential decree in the 70’s, to demonstrate Kenya’s commitment to wildlife conservation.

It’s in the middle of towering green forests, clean, cold air washing or over your face and the welcoming sight of several tiny butterflies flying low and free.

Marsabit National Park is internationally known for housing elephants with the longest recorded tusks in Africa.

5. Kiboko Camp

Image result for Kiboko Camp
image: Jumia Travel

This is ideal for those travelers who want to experience a bit of the country side but do not want to go too far from the beach. It’s a 12 tented camping site only 100KM from Malindi. It has a fully stocked bar and kitchen, an amazing overview of a fast flowing river.