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5 Easy Ways To Save Money For Your 2018 Travel Dream

When January begun, most us jotted down our resolutions but at some point we felt overwhelmed by all the things we have to do.

One of the things that people would be willing to sacrifice everything for is traveling. At the same time most people want to travel the world or even the country without feeling too much hustle. It is only obvious that you won’t stop paying your monthly bills for the sake of traveling.

But if you are really committed and you have a 2018 travel dream then here are 5 simple ways to save for that trip.

1. Open a savings account for traveling.

You may be thinking, how many savings account will I have? And how will I manage to save in both? Well saving money is about sacrifice you need to think of the bigger picture while saving money and remember that the more you save the bigger your trip will be and you won’t have to struggle.

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2. Join the 52 week challenge.

The 52 week challenge is for people who would rather keep money aside every week. It is for people who don’t have a saving culture and need to create the habit. You start by saving a 100 bob a week then you keep adding 100 shillings every week. So week 1 you can just put 100 bob then week 2 you put 200 shillings and so on. By the 52nd week you should have 100k plus. If you do it with someone you trust it’s even better as you split costs saving you a lot of money as well.

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3. Automate your savings.

This is for people who earn well or are comfortable if their money is automatically cut before it hits the bank. The money is directly deducted and put in your account.

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4. Sacrifice something that uses a lot of  money and use that money for travel savings.

Look at the things you actually use a lot of money on and get rid of those things. For instance if you spend your money on a lot of booze then it is time to redirect that money to something better for example your travel. Trust me, you will not regret it one bit.

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5. Save with the person you would like to travel with.

So you have this person who is also a travel enthusiast then this is the best person to have a travel account together. Make sure it is someone you trust so in case you fall out all you need to do is split the money real quick.