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Here Are 4 Kenyan Travel Vloggers You Need to Watch Out For

Kenyans love to travel, and more and more are taking their trips to Youtube, basically vloggers who capture Kenya’s and the world’s beauty and watching them may give you an idea of where you want to travel next.

Here Are 4 Kenyan travel vloggers you need to watch for:

1. Bahati Nzuri 

This is a girl called Bahati who is a Kenyan living in the United States. She vlogs about different aspects of her life including travel.

2. Farhana Oberson Travels 

Farhana is a simple girl from Kenya who loves to make travel vlogs in Mombasa and Nairobi. She is a Kenyan YouTuber who makes travel videos/vlogs to spread happiness because she think the world needs more of it.

3. Getaway Planet

The face behind the youtube channel is Brian Kimani who vlogs about his travels and thoughts as he wanders throughout Kenya.

4. Swahiligal

Swahiligal is an afro hijabi, island girl who vlogs about her travels, experiences, and life in Lamu.