Everything from budgeting to packing has been made easier by these charts, so much so that you may get disappointing about not have finding them sooner. However no despair, after reading these nine charts, you’ll know better next time. 

1.  This will make sure you don’t over pack, despotically for all those slay queens who carry everything because they can’t decide on their outfits.

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2. And while your packing, here’s the ultimate guide on whether you need it or not.

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3. Here’s how to avoid a cold when travelling by plane.

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4. Here’s how to ensure your feeling fresh after stepping out of a long flight.

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5. If you are driving, here’s what you need to do before embarking on any road trip.

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6. Here’s a nifty list of everything you’ll need if your going camping. Your welcome.

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7. These are some cool ideas when travelling with kids to keep them preoccupied.

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8. Here’s how to get the most affordable air ticket you can.

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9. Find out if trip insurance can save you tons of money. There are several reasons it would come in handy.

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