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Simple Picnic Food Ideas You Should Definitely Try

Going for a picnic is one of the best plans if you would want a serene environment and a simple hangout.

However at the same time planning a picnic can be quite tiresome especially if you plan on being many. One of the solutions is to buy food, lay your blanket but that takes away the fun. The preparation of snacks allows you to choose what you’d like and if it’s a date this is your chance to impress the person you’re going with. Here are simple food ideas you should definitely try for your picnic.

1. Try a chicken salad sandwich.

A quick mayonnaise chicken salad sandwich is very easy to make, nutritious and yummy. Here is the recipe.

Image: HungryForever

2. Simple hot dogs.

This is very simple, all you have to do is buy frankfurters boil for a few minutes, get the bread bun and make a hot dog. The only thing you need to do is choose what you put in the bun, you may add some caramelized onions and the sauces that you like. You can always carry the sauces that people will use instead of guessing.

Image: Know Your Meme

3. Make a salsa for nachos.

You can buy nachos from any supermarket and all you have to do is make the salsa. Salsa is basically like kachumbari but with more flavor, to learn how to do it follow get it here.

Image: Pintrest

4. Grilled honey mustard chicken skewers.

It may seem complicated but it is not. The best thing about these skewers is that they don’t need accompaniments. Once you’ve made enough you can have them as a biting or main meal. Here is the recipe for the perfect skewers.

Image: A Farmgirl’s Dabbles  

5. Juicy homemade burgers.

Homemade burgers are very easy to make. All you need is minced meat, flour, eggs and some breadcrumbs as an addition. They are a quick fix and at least you get to know what you would like to add some spices or none at all. It is all up to you. Here is a recipe to guide you.

Image: belula.net

6. Sweet and sour meatballs.

There is nothing better than sweet and sour meatballs. They are totally worthwhile and it is one of the easiest meals to cook and doesn’t take a lot of time. The burst of flavor in your mouth are just one of the things to look forward to if you cook this meal. Here is the recipe.

Image: life in lofthouse

7. Sausage sandwiches.

Sausages aren’t just for breakfast they can be cooked and used for proper meals. But in this case the easiest thing to do is make a sandwich, it is filling and sumptuous as well. Here is the recipe.

Image: NYT Cooking – The New York Times