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Here Are A Few Fun Tips On How To Pack Smart

There’s normal packing, then there’s parking smart. Using your creativity to pack your essentials and maybe even something extra while still not taking up too much space in your bag.

There are so many things we own we don’t know can help us pack more effectively. Here are a few fun tips on how to pack smart:

1. Plan your outfits before you pack to save time.

image: Wandering Earl

2. Use most of your space by putting your socks inside your shoes.

image: naturallybeme / Via

3. You can use your old contact lenses case to put your Jewelry.

image: moberlyadventures / Via

4. Here’s an old but useful trick; cover your beauty products with plastic so they don’t leak.

image: cmcfalk / Via

5. Instead of folding, role up your clothes and you’ll find that you have way more space.

image: stephaniesaucier_photo / Via

6. Put your shoes in a shower cap, so it doesn’t touch clean clothes.

image: unlimitedescapes / Via

7. Put all your cables in an old eyeglass case.

image: herpackinglist / Via