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Just A Bunch of Jobs That’ll Pay You To Travel Throughout Kenya

As much as it seems like a dream to get paid to travel all over Kenya, it is very possible to enjoy this lifestyle, and many of these jobs are ones anyone can learn and start professionally.

Here are just a bunch of Jobs that’ll pay you to travel Kenya.

1. A clerk or process server.

It may not be the fanciest job, but your paid to travel all over Kenya and deliver documents to law firms, organizations or to the courts among other institutions.

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image: The Balance

2. MC’s

If you get good, you could be booked to MC various shows around Kenya, and right there is you’re ticket to traveling.

image: Ghetto Radio

3. Writer or freelancer.

If you’re lucky enough to make sufficient money working from home  as a freelancer then the country is your office, from the beach to the mountains.

image: Masterfile

4. Photographer

Once you become professional, people and organizations all over Kenya will want you to take pictures of them. Just imagine staying in a hotel for free, just so you can take a couple of pictures.

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image: Antony Trivet Photography

5. Model

Probably one of the most coveted side hustles out there, and if you get to travel, its a bonus. For some this is reality and they are having a blast doing it while also enjoying their job.

image: Style Yetu

6. Travel Agent

Sometimes, as a travel agent, you need to ensure that the particular destination you’re advertising to your client is of good quality. Allowing you to vacation on the job and inspect for yourself.

image: Accor Hotels

7. Air Hostess

It’s like being a waitress or waiter, but on a plane, which in some ways is more fancier and more adventurous. One minute you’re in Nairobi the next in Mombasa, and you’re getting paid for it, what’s not to love?

image: Youth Village Kenya