My Kilimanjaro Restaurant Experience

If you have never been to the Kilimanjaro restaurant in town, you would think I meant a restaurant at the top of the actual mountain.

That would actually be pretty cool, but no, the famous Kilimanjaro restaurant is located along Kimathi street not far from Nation center and right next to a Java house. You wouldn’t miss it. The restaurant was opened in early 2016 and has since then been booming.

Image: EatOut

When it first opened I wondered how it would survive while it was right next to Java House. I mean Kenyans are usually fixated with what they are familiar with and nothing less. But years later, Kilimanjaro is also on Moi Avenue and in Eastleigh. I also came to discover that the place is owned by Haji Yasin.

Image: Nairobi Wire

The first time I went there, was with my friend. I remember thinking “what is this place you have brought me to”, but that was on the staircase. It is a place you might feel a bit out of place as the waiters and clients are mostly Somali’s. Ever been to a place where you automatically think it is a spot for only one culture? Yeah that was me, but an enthusiastic waiter greeted me with a smile and I felt at ease. I also don’t do too well with crowded places, I feel claustrophobic as I look around for a spot to hide. That is Kilimanjaro though, it is forever mostly full.

However, a place can either be really full because it is affordable or perhaps the food is very good. I later came to discover it was because of many things, but mainly the two most important things. It was price friendly and the food was splendid and expensive looking. There’s nothing better than eating a budget friendly meal that is sumptuous. There is a sense of accomplishment, like I could have had the same exact meal at some high end place and would have been super expensive. My biriani was 480 shillings and most meals are around that price.

It’s also a lot of food. You can literally have one meal from there and you won’t need dinner.

Image: Tripadvisor

If you’re into continental meals then you can still order your fries and burger. But please for the love of good food, don’t go to Kilimanjaro and eat a continental meal. Eat pilau or a meal that will tease your taste buds. Swahili dishes have got nothing on this place, it is basically like a Mombasa restaurant on a Nairobi street. Food also comes within 5 minutes after ordering, I promise I am not exaggerating, I have only written this article passionately because such a place is a rare place to find. Ouuh and just to add the cherry on the icing, the waiters are also not bad to look at plus they are super friendly.

Image: Nairobi Wire