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Why La Cascina At The Hub Is The Best Restaurant To Take Your Bae

He said we would go to the Hub Mall for my birthday dinner. I thought to myself, a mall? All in all, the Hub is not just any mall. It is the mall that can accommodate a fast food date at the KFC or a fancy dinner date. This is the kind of place you take that person you really like or better yet, take yourself because it is worth it.

Bae had already made the reservation, after all it was my birthday. I wondered what I would wear because when you think of a restaurant in a mall you sort of think it is better to be under dressed. But I chose to shine in a short black dress, held my hair up in a bun and was determined to glow in this restaurant bae was taking me to. When we got there, we passed a few shops and the restaurants on the left side and got to this restaurant that stood alone on the right.


It was a cute well lit restaurant that made me feel all jittery and special. I thought, thank God I wore this dress, which basically means you should dress up if you go there. On the other hand it also has this laid back ambiance yet so classy at the same time. On that particular day there weren’t many people but they had still reserved a table for two for us. You can only appreciate lighting when you’re on a date, if it’s too bright you don’t get that romantic feel and when it is too dark you might think you’re in a dungeon. No, everything was right. The lighting was superb, enough for me to see my food and everything around me.


They gave us some bread as a starter with some sauces, I tried one out of curiosity and literally sneered. You must try something before you say you don’t like it and I didn’t like that sauce, think it was a greenish sauce. Our table attendant was really nice as well, he greeted as warmly and was quite timely with our meals.

We had chicken lollipops as a starter, it was one of those finger licking chicken lollipops with tartar sauce and I must say it was impressive. I almost forgot that there was a main meal coming after that. As a matter of fact the main meal came soon after we finished our starters.

I had lamb chops with fries and vegetables. The best thing about the meal apart from the lamb chops were the vegetables. You know how restaurants are stingy with veggies? Nope, not La Cascina, it’s like this people want you to be healthy. Never say they didn’t give you a balanced diet because they gave you plenty of it. Bae had a pizza and of course I tasted because I am that girl, it was a nice thin crust. I am not a big fan of thick crusts so his was perfect. We also washed down our meals with fresh mango juice, which I can assure you wasn’t packet juice.

la cascina
Image: Vanessa Waithera

For desert we had some ice cream, by this time I was almost blowing up but there was no time to reject food. I am not usually a sweet tooth, but their ice cream wasn’t too sweet.

It wasn’t nauseating, the kind you take when you’ve had too much sugar. Did I mention the music? An Italian guy who I think was the owner was playing some soft Italian music off YouTube even if I thought “why not invest more in music?” It was an okay selection of music. All in all, I would definitely go there again but make sure you’re on a healthy budget.