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Best Breakfast Restaurants In Nairobi

There’s nothing better than a good breakfast.

The Kenyan way of thinking is, “why not just buy eggs, sausages and bacon and just cook them at home?” but the thing is, you pay for the experience and nothing more. It is also best that you order for meals that you’re not very good at.

1. Java.

The good old Java restaurant is well known for their good breakfasts. Only problem I have with Java is that they hardly have any offers, unless you know of any that I don’t. Other than that, to have a reasonable breakfast you need to have at least 700 shillings. But you will be super full, you will not need any lunch.

Image: EatOut

2. Art caffe.

Art Caffe is not just for the rich and bougie. They have diverse options when it comes to breakfast and the ambiance there always puts someone in the right mood.

Image: Culture Trip

3. News Cafe.

The best breakfast offer you can ever get is from News Cafe. Every day before 10 o’clock you can actually go for breakfast at the News Cafe for only KSh 400. For only KSh 400, you can either get eggs, sausages, bread and fries or instead of sausages you can have bacon. It is all up to you but it is worth having.

Image: Yummy Magazine by EatOut

4. Intercontinental. 

I love such breakfasts, because they are literally like brunch. From meaty meals to fruits all in one morning. It is definitely more than KSh 1,000 but it is value for your money.

Image: TripAdvisor

5. Big square.

Apart from News Cafe, this is also another restaurant with a great deal. They have a full breakfast meal with sausages and bacon plus juice all for KSh 600.

Image: Go Places Bookings

6. Urban eatery.

Urban eatery is in Westlands, they are known for their reasonably priced meals plus a good healthy breakfast like they one below.

Image: EatOut