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This Restaurant At The National Park Is Totally Worth Going To

If you have ever visited the National park, you would possibly remember the restaurant that used to be there.

It was known as the Rangers restaurant. The famous restaurant that faced the National park and the interior and exterior was made from wood. Now, years later, and it was closed down. I recently went to the National park and after the scorching sun had burnt my skin, I decided to look for food.

Image: Like a Local

Wildly Coffee restaurant is definitely not the first thing you spot when you get to the National park. As a matter of fact, it is no where near the National park. When I asked one of the rangers where it was, he pointed to a direction that looked empty. But right across the almost invisible gas station, there it was, it looked unappealing from afar. I went there with a narrow mind, I must admit, it was a simple looking place but with an air of elegance.

Image: Facebook

It was rather empty for the only restaurant at the park. But it is also the kind of place you’d want to go and disappear from the world or read a good book. One of the most exciting things a restaurant client can read on the wall is, “WIFI ZONE”. Thank God I had charged my phone. As I went through the menu I wondered if they could actually cook the things that were on the menu. Did they even know what those things were? As I said, it’s a simple looking place, with few waitresses and possibly one chef.

The food on the menu was mostly continental and nothing more than that. I thought the prices were a bit too extravagant, can you imagine if you have come from paying 230 shillings to see lions then when you go to the only restaurant there, it costs an arm and a leg? My point is, mwananchi’s of all sorts go to the National park because it is affordable. But it now makes sense why there were only Chinese and some white folks around. Nevertheless, nothing would come between me and food. So I ordered for the chicken wrap and a salad. I didn’t want to try the chef’s abilities too much, I would have flipped, considering how hungry I was.

I ordered for a fresh mango juice, even if the alcoholic menu teased me. I checked it out and they had all manner of things, from beers to cocktails. But since I was feeling healthy, I stuck to my plan. It took about 20 minutes before the food came and when it did, it was glorious. The chicken wrap had some avocado, bacon, chicken with some mayonnaise while the salad was dressed with balsamic vinegar. The combination teased my taste buds and I ate until the very last bite (was about 800 shillings).

Image: Vanessa Waithera