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5 Street Foods That Are Proudly Kenyan

These low class foods are what make Kenya, Kenya. It’s these foods that you miss when you go abroad. Sometimes they come in handy after a night out, as a snack in between meals, or sometimes even as a whole meal. We’ve got to appreciate how affordable, delicious, and simple these foods are.

Here are 5 street foods that are proudly Kenyan: 

1. Smokie or eggs with kachubari

You can even get creative and include the same in chapatis or buns to get even fuller. Even more imaginative is adding a few fries to the chapati mix. You probably won’t need to eat again.

image: kenya buzz

2. Chapo samo

This was particularly famous in High School, and could be done at any time as long as both ingredients are involved. Basically this is a delicious mix of chapati and samosa.

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image: yelp

3. Chips mwitu, bhajia and viazi karai.

Drenched in oil and magnificently delicious and filling too. Kenyans love their potatoes. We find a way to put a twist to the potato and to make different snacks and street foods from it. Chips mwitu are fries that are made on the side of the road and are less expensive than normal restaurant fries. Bhajia and viazi karai both involve coating potatoes in differing mixtures of spiced batter before deep frying them.

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4. Sausage (mutura)

This is a family gathering or group of friends favorite. Mutura is a Kenyan sausage that is made with meat, spices and sometimes blood. It is roasted on a grill, with vendors preparing theirs in a variety of ways, to sell alongside bone soup, a favourite with many locals. The sausages are best enjoyed with some kachumbari. 

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image; Health Journal 254

5. Mahindi choma.

Best way to enjoy this is after its well roasted, with a touch of chilly or lemon.