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Definite Thoughts That Run Through The Mind Of A Kenyan Eating a Smokie

Smokies are here to stay, they are absoultley delicious and simple and can work well a variety of foods, however a good old fashioned smokie with some kachumbari remains the best way to enjoy it, so much so that just eating it fills one up with various emotions.

Here are definate thoughts that run through the mind of every Kenyan who’s eaten a smokie.

1. *Hungry Kenyan with belly growling*; I guess I have Kshs 30 to spare, lemme grab a smokie.

image: Black Girl Nerds

2. Smh, Kshs 30 for this small thing.

image: KenyaBuzz

3. Oh, but it’s so damn good.

4. I’m still hungry.


5. Lemme have just one more, an extra 30 bob couldn’t hurt.

image: Long Bike Ride

6. ‘Three smokies later, you’re no longer that hungry, but ashamed of the money you’ve wasted on a snack’.

image: giphy