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5 of the Best Coffee Places in Nairobi

‘You wanna go for a coffee’, this is probably how most relationships start, or at the very least, business partnerships. It’s becoming a norm in our society as more and more cafes are coming up. With so many it might be hard to choose,  so here are five of the best coffee places in Nairobi;

1. Mocca Locca

Slowly becoming the next Java, Mocca Locca can also be found in Nakuru. In Nairobi, it’s located at Garden City Mall in Thika. It has an interesting ambiance, when you walk into this cafe it definitely takes you back into a more vintage era.

image: Treats On A Budget

2. Connect Coffee

It’s a fairly small space – roughly it can fit comfortably about 20- 25 people from the original set up. I would say, this cafe would be great for a date, morning official meetings, discussion group, family time and parties.
Over the counter, the list on the menu is right above the counter. Its’ a self service environment, there is professionalism & friendly staff, and their waffles are great.

image: Treats On A Budget

3. Matbronze Cafe

This is also a lovely lunch experience in Karen. Delicious burgers eaten outdoors surrounded by sculptures (and the art gallery inside). Fabulous fresh fruit juices and most importantly coffee. It’s perfect once you’ve visited the elephants and the giraffes!

image: EatOut

4. Le Grenier a Pain

Fresh bread, pastries and other meals for breakfast or lunch. Quality freshness and delicious flavours. It’s spacious, good service and excellent French bakery products, possibly the best in town. But beware; butter is the main ingredient in most French dishes, so in case you are on a diet, this is not your place.

image: TripAdvisor

5. Doughnuts World

My dad bestowed upon himself the task of being a food critic, and he said he liked the coffee here. A very colourful place, if you don’t notice the name outside the decor will give you more than a hint that the cafe deals with doughnuts. Located in Westlands, it’s also a perfect place to go if you have kids.

image: TripAdvisor


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