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Photos That’ll Make You Want To Try Out Cafe Vienna

Cafe Vienna is located right next to Nakumatt Ukay. The look of the redone cafe Vienna is rustic, comfortable and befitting of its name. The eclectic music in the background is not intrusive.

The service of food is good and quick. And the desserts are decadent. The blueberry cheese cake is a must have, just incase you’re unsure of what to pick.

It’s probably one of the few places that is open 24 hours! But after 11 pm you only get pizzas, stuffed baguettes and other light snacks.Their pastries are delicious. The location is perfect. Their happy hour is reasonably priced and you get to enjoy an array of cocktails.

If this hasn’t convinced you enough, here are a few photos that’ll make you want to check out Cafe Vienna:

1. It’s got a chilled ambiance.

image: nessa shera

2. The Pizzas are delicious.

image: nessa shera

3. So Cute

image: nessa shera

4. You’d love it.

image: nessa shera