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So, Apparently Kenya Doesn’t Have Enough Wildlife Space

Apart from our nightlife we also have the wildlife which many tourists come all the way to see. But we have an odd kind of crisis and we are in shock. Kenya’s Cabinet Secretary for Environment, Ms Judy Wakhungu stated that the country could no longer accommodate wildlife as there is a rising human population. Does this then mean that we haven’t put wildlife as a priority? I mean by the time we don’t have space for animals, what does that mean?

Image: Judy Wakhungu

Alternatively, Tanzania has more wildlife than us and enough space. This is because there’s more land dedicated to wildlife conservation. Dar-es-salaam, according to authorities has more than enough space to accommodate all wildlife within its borders and works to increase the country’s wildlife. So far Kenya has set 44,600 sq km land for wildlife while Tanzania has put aside over 265,000 sq km for wildlife. We already have endangered species such as rhinos and elephants and at the same time, we do not have enough land for animals.