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Why the Siana Springs Lodge in Masai Mara is a Must Go

Tented accommodation at the Siana Springs, located around Maasai Mara is a wonderful experience. 

image: nessa shera

The tent was clean, containing a comfortable bed with a hot water bottle placed under the sheets each night, a full bathroom with a shower, a toilet and running water.

Spotted deer and multitudes of birds roamed freely inside the property. There were also monkeys everywhere that were rather friendly, but would definitely take an opportunity to eat your food and enter your tent.

image: nessa shera

As a result, you have to tie a knot securing all of the zippers on your tent so they wouldn’t enter and potentially make a huge mess.

image: nessa shera

The area is run on generators, and the power is usually shut off during mid-day and midnight. This limits your enjoyment of Wi-Fi and hot showers to specific times, particularly from 6am-11am and 6pm-11pm.

The Wi-Fi had trouble connecting in some areas. There was a bar area where the Wi-Fi worked best, but it couldn’t reach the tents.

The food was fantastic though, with lovely presentation and even lovelier taste. The amazing chef could cook up any dish.

image: nessa shera

There was also a pool and a massage tent for well…massages, as well as a large campfire area accompanied by a guitarist where you could enjoy telling stories and possibly roast some marshmallows.

image: nessa shera


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