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Have Kids? Oak Place Hotel is the Perfect Family Hangout

Oak Place is a colorful, spacious, hotel and conference centre in Ridgeways that makes for a perfect place to go  and have Sunday brunch with the family, particularly if you have kids.


It’s big enough for children to frolic around, and even cycle as parents and adults indulge in conversation and enjoy a glass of beer or wine. There is also a swimming pool for children to play in as well. The grounds are odd and quirky with footbridges and animal statues and all kinds of charming decor. It looks like a Disneyland. The place is very beautiful and ideal for a wedding and conferences.


The staff is polite and service is relatively speedy especially on busy Sunday afternoons. French fries, meat, soft drinks, and alcohol are in demand as families and friends flock to the hotel for a simple hangout plan.

image: Jumia Travel