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Welcome Back Home Suprise Ideas For Your Bae That’ll Set The Mood

Not too long ago, Eric Omondi surprised his girlfriend and Kenyans alike when he made a big gesture to his girlfriend who returned back home after a while. He placed her name and picture on a billboard near JKIA airport welcoming her back to Kenya, and lets just say it’s set some standards.

However, if a billboard is a bit too lavish or public, here are a few other options that’ll still make your bae smile:

1. If you can, turn a picture of you both into a puzzle piece, as you are welcoming him/her home, assemble the puzzle together while enjoying a glass of wine and watch your partner’s reaction as the puzzle reveals itself.

image: pinterest

2. They’d probably be exhausted, so cook them a delicious home cooked meal, or take them out, or better yet to a spa for a massage and to relax.

image: Taupo DeBretts

3. Get them a bag with all their favorite stuff or stuff they would like.

image: Blog by Baby

4. Take them on a safari or have a mini getaway holiday on you, if your bae loves unexpected travels, they would love this.


5. Dress up sexily, place some rose petals on the floor, light up some candles, do something romantic with the place, for a sultry mood and sexy fun afterwards. Have some wine out, be creative, chessy, but simple.

image: Rebloggy