Here’s Why The Big Square In Karen Need To Up Their Game

There’s nothing worse than bad service.

I have always been a Big Square fan. I loved their ribs and when they introduced alcohol, I was even more excited. We don’t really have many fast food restaurants that offer alcohol.

So on a fine Saturday afternoon, my best friend and I decided to go to Big square Karen. The setup was friendly, warm but the waitresses seemed clueless from the word go. We sat there and hoped that someone would finally serve us and after a few minutes of waving to about four attendants, a waitress finally came by. She asked us to place our orders and I ordered for the coffee frappe and lamb chops with rice while my friend ordered for chicken and fries. The coffee frappe was brought within 10 minutes but when my friend tasted it, she changed her mind and decided to change her order.

For some reason they ignored her plea even if she had only ordered like 2 minutes before me. Another waiter brought her frappe and I bet he noticed my wide eyed expression. Why in the world had they changed our waiter? And why did they not cancel her order? She let that one go and decided to sip on her unwanted drink slowly but bitterly. I guess we were those cool kind of customers who knew that we would eventually write about them.

Image: Giphy

My lamb chops and rice was served by another attendant, at some point we lost track of who was serving us. For starters my lamb chops was definitely not worth more than 500 shillings. However  it was about 800 bob and it was so unfulfilling. You know one of those days you go to a restaurant with high expectations ? I went there expecting nothing short of perfection. The stew was like a basic tomato stew, literally just tomatoes with little or no seasoning. I can assure you, you couldn’t use that stew for a githeri. The lamb was a fake, they obviously hadn’t marinated it and it was just a lifeless piece of meat on my plate. I added salt and ate with a grim expression.

Image: Vanessa Waithera

My friend’s chicken and fries was well cooked.

It had a nice tangy taste, with a bit of lemon and rosemary herbs. I don’t know what it was but it was better than mine. We wanted to pay the bill at that point and another waiter came, by this time I was infuriated by their service. It took forever to get their attention and we had to keep repeating our orders to them. I finally asked for the manager who seemed to have understood my plight and even offered fries as an apology. She was nice, but I vowed to never go there again.