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Mandi Sarro Shows Us How Fun Touristing Samburu Can Be

Samburu County may not be the first thing that comes to mind when traveling throughout Kenya, however it is the northerly gem globally reputed and associated with Born Free film, Camel racing,breathtaking tourism sites, colorful cultures among other attractions.

Mandi Sarro headed there in her latest escapade, visiting famous sites such as the Samburu National Reserve. Discovering more about the county, while sharing a few facts about the place and it’s wildlife that we didn’t know.

Here are a few pictures that prove just how much fun touristing Samburu can be:

1. Touch Down.

image: instagram/ mandi sarro

2. Something you probably didn’t know.

image: instagram/mandii saro

3. Animals do some funny things too.

image: instagram/mandi sarro

4. Inside her luxury tent.

image: instagram/mandii saro


5. A fun fact about Impalas.

image: instagram/mandi saro

6. Swimming pool time.

image: instagram/mandi sarro

7. Lazing in the shade.

image: instagram/mandi sarro

8. Adventure time.

image: mandi sarro/instagram

9. LOL

image: instagram/mandi sarro

10. This…sigh

image: instagram/mandi sarro