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This Guy Literally Walked Across Africa In Two Years And We’re in Disbelief

If you’ve ever been stuck in a car or a plane for 3-5 hours, then you already know how frustrating the transport part of traveling is. So you can only imagine walking, not just a few miles, but across the whole continent of Africa.

This was the goal of one Mario Rigby, who two years ago decided to embark on a once in a lifetime expedition to traverse the entire African continent all the way from Cape Town to Cairo by foot and paddle boat only.

And just recently, Mario Rigby finished and finally reached Cairo.

image: Gfycat  

The expedition caused him to cover multiple uncharted terrain in 8 countries throughout eastern Africa. Every moment was photographed, filmed and written to eventually create a full featured documentary and a book covering the journey. He was doing this to test human physiological and psychological strengths and weaknesses as well as the beautiful views and multi cultures Africa has to offer.

He endured unforgiving environments and climates such as deserts, rapid rivers, desolate landscapes, jungles, civil unrest, just to name a few.

And after all that was what did he have to say?

In a Facebook post, he communicated his pride in himself and his new found love and appreciation for the world, this is what he said;

image: crossing africa/facebook

This is truly is impressive feat, and we’re shocked but also totally excited for his success. Having amassed 12 thousand followers on his Facebook page, Crossing Africa, we aren’t the only ones congratulating him. This post alone got about 300 shares.

image: Urban Dictionary

All we can say is that we can’t wait to see the documentary and all the stories he has, especially about East Africa.