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6 Unique And Interesting Places To Try Out In Kenya

It can be very easy to get stuck in a while in Nairobi.

You may sometimes feel as if there’s little or nothing to do in Kenya. So you tell yourself that the only interesting thing to do is go to a bar. But Kenya has one of the most interesting and unique activities that you can actually enjoy and you be sure to enjoy it.

1. Island in Lake Baringo.

Samatian Island is a private island on Lake Baringo, and is one of the best places to visit for a relaxing weekend. What makes this place incredible is how hidden it is and the breathtaking sunsets. If you’re a wildlife fan then this is the best place to see some of the most unique birds and fish species ever seen.

Image: Safaris in Kenya , Africa

2. The great Takawiri Island.

Forget Rusinga Island for a bit and think of Takawiri Island. You don’t necessarily have to go to Mombasa to have a good time. Takawiri actually has white sandy beaches and a nice cool breeze. It takes an hour from Rusinga to Takawiri.

Image: Beads Safaris Collection

3. Visit the Kazuri bead factory.

Kazuri means beautiful so it makes sense why this bead factory is named “beautiful”. The museum is located in Karen Blixen Estate and is unique in the sense that they have employed over 400 women and exports the beautiful beads to many countries. These are not just ordinary beads, they symbolize stories.


4. Make some glass at Kitengela Glass Art.

Kitengela Glass Art is near the Nairobi National Park, and when you enter the place, there are many sculptures and ornaments adorning the path that leads to the establishment. There are also some activities, including horseriding, felting, swimming, and mosaic classes.

Image: Inhabitat

5.Sleep alone in a Renovated Bus.

How cool is this? This is an old bus that was turned into a sleeping place and it is probably all you would need if you want to relax and perhaps get away from the world. It is in Karen, surrounded by nature. It has two double beds upstairs and small beds downstairs, and there is an outdoor fireplace. If you are not scared, rent the place and spend a night alone.


6. Visit the forgotten Chalbi Desert.

No one really talks about this desert but it exists. It is in the East of Lake Turkana and it has nice coarse sand and rocks. Apparently the desert is very salty that the animals use it as a salt lick. There is also an oasis nearby called Kalacha where travelers, animals and pastoralists go to quench their thirst under the palm and acacia trees.

Image: KenyaTalk