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A Few Tricks on How to Get More For Less During This Nairobi Restaurant Week

Nairobi Restaurant Week is upon us. Foodies can get to ravel in two to three course meals in various restaurants and fill up their social media with their mouth watering meals.

From Kshs 1000 upwards you can enjoy in a two course meal, and from Kshs 2000 upwards you can indulge in a three course meal. However, foodies all over Kenya are spoiled for choice. If you’re unsure of where to start or simply want to get the most you can for the least amount possible, here’s how to go by it.

1. Download the EatOut App.

You can access the app here. It’ll help differentiate restaurants charging below and above Kshs 3000 depending on your budget.

image: Yummy Magazine

2. Still using the app, you can get complimentary beverages inclusive with the charges. For example, at the very least you can get a two course meal, and a complimentary drink or wine with just Kshs 1000. Which is a ridiculously good deal.

image: EatOut

3. Other offers, (still with the App) include a 15% discount each time you dine out during NRW.

image: WiffleGif