Why Castle Lodge Kerugoya Is The Perfect Valentine Getaway

He had said it would be a place I would like.

Girls pretend to like surprises but that was simply it, pretense. I needed to know where bae was taking me, lest he be a serial killer, I mean that’s how they start. They take you to a serene, quiet environment just to take your life away.

I Googled Castle Lodge Kerugoya and this is what came up:

The main house was built in 1910 with river stones and wood from the surrounding forest and rivers. It is told that both Queen Elizabeth and President Jomo Kenyatta visited Castle Forest Lodge when they were students.

In 2000, Castle Forest Lodge was renovated to accommodate slightly over thirty guests.

When looking for a weekend break, Castle Forest Lodge is ideally located at a just 3 hour drive from Nairobi off the Kutus-Kianyaga road.

I always knew I was meant to go to a place where the Royal family had placed their mark. So a place that our first President had visited was the kind of place I needed to visit. The entrance was a long rough road before we actually got to the lodge. As we drove the forest reminded me of those horror movies where people disappear into. You know one of those you go looking for someone and you ask “hello? is anyone there?” and a bear would come and eat someone? Yes, it was a dramatic looking forest, so many trees, I guess when you live in Nairobi you tend to think that forests should look like the ones in Karen. When we got there, I got out of the car and inhaled the fresh cold air, the place was picturesque.

Image: Travelstart Kenya

When you come from a place with so much dust, the kind of green Castle Lodge has is shockingly intense. As we were walking to our cabin, we saw some horses nearby and I thought, what a life…walking around and horses are literally huffing and puffing right next to your room? I liked it.


The cabin was very simple, probably exactly what you need; a weekend away from technology. In case you want to add a bit of ambiance to the cold night while with bae, you would need to carry your own speaker and music. This can be a problem for people who would like to watch TV in bath robes. It is not a boujee kind of place, it is a sensual kind of environment, the kind you go to when you would like to reconnect with someone. The silent, frosty environment is good so you can have an excuse to hold each other and perhaps drink a lot of whiskey.

Image: TripAdvisor

Yes, they have a nice wooden restaurant.

Rather the layout is wooden, and right across it there’s a river below and a nice thick forest. The only downside is the walk from the restaurant to the room, you would need to walk with a guide as it is dark and apparently elephants come out at night. If you live for the thrill you may try your luck by having a night walk. The food was homely, so was the restaurant, it is like a big fancy home in the 80’s.

I got the feel that some white people used to live there, no wonder Queen Elizabeth had visited that place. We had things like egg plants, quiche and all sorts of meats. The food was good enough and at least they sold alcohol, you’d need it, to warm you up in the cold or tea for the non-alcoholics.

They have several activities like mountain climbing and there’s a beautiful waterfall that I couldn’t get enough of. Furthermore one can go for a swim in the pool, go fishing for trout in one of the rivers, go horse back riding, hiking or simply hang around the veranda in a rocking chair. It is possibly the best remedy for someone who wants to unwind, best place to propose or better yet the kind of place you want to be with your other half.