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The Unfortunate Truth About Tafaria Castle Lodge

You look at the stunning castle nestled in the green lush land between Nyeri and Nyahururu, and you think, “I want to go there.”

And for anyone who has never been there, it appears to be the perfect getaway, especially for a couple. You think that maybe you’ll stay a night or two and feel like royalty for a moment.

However, once you enter the castle walls, you realize in dismay that there’s  not as much eloquence as you would have first imagined. If anything, numerous rooms look like a modern bachelor pad of a relatively clean and privileged twenty something year old, but nothing at all like a royal ambiance.

That is what Mandi Sarro communicated after her visit to Tafaria Castle. While the outside looks like its straight out of a Disney princess movie, the same can’t be said about the entire experience. She gave her followers glimpse of the room she was stay in on her Instagram stories while conducting a poll and her fans were not impressed. She eventually switched rooms then later went on to Instagram to post this:

So if you had previously had plans to visit, go ahead for the unique experience and for a few pictures, then move along to the nearest hotel for a more glamorous stay in Nyeri.