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My Marvelous Experience At Enashipai Resort That You Also Need To Have

It was one of the most random but memorable encounters that will forever be remembered. It was the first time I had ever heard about the resort, which was really hard to pronounce considering it was a local native name. We set out one early Sunday morning driving while captivated by the breath taking scenes on our way before we reached our destination after about a two hour long drive. It is situated approximately 10 km from the main highway so finding it wasn’t hard making it a strategic place to go to.

Once we went through the security check at the main gate and drove through, I was completely at loss for words with the breath taking view of the magnificent resort.


It has fully furnished villas where you could come for a family holiday and spend a few days in and still feel like you were in the comfort of your own home. We were welcomed at the reception by magnificent art collections which blended well with the whole theme of the resort.


I discovered that there was more to it than just the name. It had a very beautiful art museum with breath taking pieces of our local
heritage, a spa where you’d go relax after a long day, a kids play area, a basketball court and a disco for the night revelers.

image: African Kaya

They offer bicycle rides around the resort just in case you felt like cycling and also had golf carts for the golf enthusiasts. The resort has a great view of Lake Naivasha which is home to wild animals like the hippopotamus which occasionally come on land to bask in the sun.

image: Enashipai Resort & Spa

Back at the main hotel, the rooms are properly furnished and each person has a key card to his/her own room. They offer room service which is also excellent and their food is top notch. Sadly the trip came to an end after my 3 day stay, but it was definitely an experience to remember.

This Article was written by Roy Omolo, a lawyer who likes to try new things.