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Places You Can Get Amazing Tea For Less Than Kshs 100

Tea is a staple for many in Kenya, we have it in our homes every morning, it’s what we use to introduce guests. You’ve probably been judged on how well you make your tea. Some may say the spice you put is what makes the difference, some may say the milk, either way, here are two places that will excite your taste buds with their super affordable  and delicious tea at just Kshs 100 or less:

1. Royal Palm Restaurant

image: Facebook

A decent restaurant along Muindi Mbingu street in the CBD, the restaurant is near Jevanjee garden. I first discovered it one early morning hungry and desperately  looking for an affordable breakfast. Maybe it was because I was their first customer that morning, so they focused on my order. Either way, the tea was one of the best I’ve tasted in a while, the cream was heavy, and the tea tasted great even without sugar.

I definitely found myself back there a few times after that indulging in that delicious tea.

2. Naivas Supermarket Restaurant 

image: Twitter

Not exactly a restaurant, but just an area to chill after buying some food from the supermarket. This particular supermarket is in The Mall Westlands. Once again I was hungry leaving for work, so decided to buy something small from the supermarket on my way. The tea to say the least was also very delicious, and only kshs 50 at that. With just Kshs 50 they give you a relatively cute take-away cup, and two sachets of sugar. This time round I put the sugar. Either way it’s a perfect place to go get affordable tea if your on the go, or even if you have time to spare.